BIO-RAY HR Intraoral Digital X-Ray Sensor

New "Bio-Ray HR" intraoral sensor with perfect (20 lp/mm) high resolution images.Sigma Digital X-Ray presents the best of CMOS technology offering the Bio-Ray HR: an innovative sensor to obtain a better diagnosis with high quality images, saving both valuable time and space.

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Go ahead and take the plunge.
See how the New Bio-Ray USB Cam will improve patient education and hygiene consultation. Call us today to learn more about the exciting features of the NEW Bio-Ray USB Cam. Bio-Ray USB Cam enables you to turn the LEDs off and capture film based x-rays into the patients file. It has capture buttons on the front and back of the camera to assure easy operation. All images are captured directly into the patients file - no mouse clicks or foot pedals.

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Maintenance and Repair

Sigma Digital X-ray will still provide maintenance and repairs on DXIS Digital Panoramic Conversion units.




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