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ArchiMED Suite 4 is the modern and multiplatform imaging software intended to acquire, display, store and manage the dental X-Ray images, featured with advanced 3D imaging .

As an alternative to the eternal pocket draining subscription model, Sigma is offering office based Dicom imaging software, (which can integrate with an existing PAC server) and includes unlimited free in-network licenses.

  • Dedicated images processing tools to enhance the image quality from your devices
  • DICOM compatibility and exporting images into graphic formats: .jpg, .png .bmp
  • Multiple database management
  • Customizable features for Full Mouth Series exams

  • Multiple offices may be connected with a central database on a chosen locally stored server via a virtual private network (VPN) connection…no need for ever-increasing expensive cloud storage subscription service.

    Archimed Tutorial (CLICK)

    Select dental, Medical, or Veterinary

    Archimed Acquisition Program


    3D Module

    The 3D module allows you to capture, view, or import CT or CBCT exam images in 3D.

    To use this function, you must have the 3D module of the program. To process a 3D exam, you can import it via network or from a disc or capture it via the equipment that can be interfaced to Archimed Suite®.

    Import a 3D exam (CT or CBCT)

    3D reconstruction window





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