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Sigma Biomedics, based in Suburban Chicago, began in 1988 by manufacturing private label premium grade X-Ray chemistry, including the Siemens Panopro brand. However, around 1993, introduction of x-ray digital imaging technologies to the Dental market began, which even though early acceptance moved very slowly, threatened the long-term viability of chemicals and film.

In response, even though there was already an intraoral digital product available, Sigma was the first company to introduce a panoramic digital conversion system into the US market,and therefore consider ourselves a pioneer in this field.

Recent advances in computer and communications technology have fueled the growth of the systems designed to capture and manage digital x-ray images for dental offices. While the advantages of digital radiography have been well established, only 28% of dental offices have installed digital systems, creating a market with high growth potential.*

When asked what type of technology Dentists planned on purchasing within the next 12 months; the top response was digital radiography.*

In 1998, Sigma Biomedics secured the distribution rights to panoramic digital technology supplied by Signet SARL of France called DXIS. Since then, Sigma has been selling digital radiology technology to the dental market from both domestic and import sources including phosphor plate technology from Orex, (now owned by Kodak).

Due to early resistance and the cost of digital x-ray technology in the dental field, all the original companies either failed or were sold, as even today companies and technology are continuing to change hands. Due to early caution, Sigma has survived and continues to grow. Mr. Kim Antol, President, has full financial and administrative responsibility.

In 2003, Sigma added Intraoral X-Ray products as an OEM from Suni Imaging Systems under the name Bio-Ray, and in 2004, the BlueX x-ray machine line, doubling gross sales.

Digital x-ray sensors are only as good as the software used to acquire and manipulate its images. We at Sigma have recognized this and have selected Apteryx, Inc. and their Imaging software X-Ray Vision and XVLite as the only product we offer with our imaging products. Their open architecture philosophy and ability to bridge with practice management programs is a great asset, making it unique and the most versatile imaging software available,and value greatly their partnership.

Even though Sigma Biomedics has been in the Dental x-ray field for almost 20 years, it has struggled with name recognition, and so a decision was made for a name change to Sigma Digital X-Ray (as a DBA), to associate the market more with what Sigma is all about.

On Feb. 10, 2006 a major step was taken as Sigma was given an FDA approval to market its own Dental Intraoral Digital X-Ray System, (Bio-Ray SDX); the next generation in CCD digital sensor evolution with needle scintillator technology, giving it the highest resolution achievable to date. Together with its unique new material construction making it more resistant to general usage and damage as experienced with so many other sensors, and its moderate price, Bio-Ray SDX is the best solution for today's Dentist.

Not stopping there, Sigma also introduced SigmaCam, a new economically priced, multi-function USB digital intraoral video camera. Being USB, no other capture or video cards are needed. Besides producing impressive 1.2 mega pixel images, SigmaCam also has an adjustable focus, allowing the operator to take full face, and before & after pictures. A unique light dimming feature also eliminates glare on extreme close-ups as experienced with other cameras. Additionally, the LED lights may also be turned off totally, enabling the SigmaCam to be used to take digital shots of old films on a view box to be stored digitally in the patients file.

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*Dental Products Report , December 2005 Visualize Quality TM

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