Sigma: Next Generation Clarius Hand-Held Wireless Ultrasound


The Clarius Handheld Ultrasound Scanner is purpose-built to provide a detailed picture of superficial anatomy with your Apple IOS / Android phone or tablet

Add Revenue to Your Practice at less than 1/3 the Cost of Expensive Cart Systems

Value Priced @ Only $4,900.00
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•Image Quality Matters:
Best in Class, Equal to or Better than Cart Based Systems. Designed to provide exceptionally detailed imaging of superficial structures, the Clarius L15 & L20 wireless hand-held ultrasound is ideal for plastic surgeons, microsurgeons, pediatricians, hematologists, podiatrists, rheumatologists, and other specialty physicians who currently rely on costly cart-based systems to visualize shallow anatomy.

•Wireless Freedom:
Focus on scanning your patient without wires getting in the way. Clarius Scanners use WIFI direct to connect to the easy to use IOS or Android apps. (No wifi router needed)

•Ultrasound Telemedicine Made Simple:
With Clarius Live, you can send a link to enable to recipient to view your scan on whatever mobile device they're using.

•Durable and Watertight:
With no moving parts or cables and a drop-safe magnesium shell, you don't have to worry about using Clarius in demanding clinical settings. They are sterilizable and submersible to 3 feet.

•Cloud Storage: Manage Your Exams Online

Send your ultrasound exam to Clarius Cloud after you’re done scanning. Access your exams stored in the Clarius Cloud from anywhere you have an Internet Connection. Make notes, send exams for review, export PDF reports and more.

•Included Free:
Color & Power Doppler imaging, B & M modes, Unlimited Cloud storage with no subscription fees, 1-Click Telemedicine, Auto AI, video & freeze capture, & 3 Years warranty.

Ultra High-Frequency (8-20 MHz), DICOM sending capability, auditory color pulse wave doppler, & MSK presets.

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